Season Two, Ep. 8

Time bombs litter this episode in every direction.  Some go off.  Others start ticking.  A few seem to be in the process of construction.

Season Two, Ep. 7

Let us all quietly applaud the most accidentally heroic character on the show – none other than Detective Andy!  He really is a Cassandra figure.

"Hard Hearted Hannah"

Season Two, Ep. 6

There’s a lot of sex in this episode.  Even for an HBO series.  Even for this particular HBO series.

"Never Let Me Go"

Season Two, Ep. 5

Good plots rarely move in straight lines.  They weave in and out of obstacles, double back, fork off into different paths, 

Season Two, Ep. 4

One of the hallmarks of this episode is great lines.  Literally, I could fill this review with nothing but the great little bits of dialogue.

true blood

Season 2 Ep. 3

It seems like each episode creates more mysteries for we the audience to puzzle over.  Certainly this one creates no less than three!

Season 2 Ep. 2

Comedy is a odd thing.  Take the opening of this episode.  Poor Lafayette just saw a redneck attack a vampire with a silver cross  

Season 2 Ep. 1

The producers of “True Blood” make good use of cliffhanger.  Season One’s episodes without exception ended on one, including the finale.

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